Friday, January 31, 2014

Art War {003}

Art of War!

Art War {003} / February 2014 Task:
  • Sun Tzu, master military strategist, said, "It is only one who is thoroughly acquainted with the evils of war that can thoroughly understand the profitable way of carrying it on." For generations, journalists and photogs have attempted (sometimes extremely succesfully) to capture the true essence of war. And for generations before that, painters, sculpters, creators attempted to immortalize war's savageness/beauty/intrigue/tragedy (think Goya).
  • Using your choice of medium/mixed media, create a piece that embodies the idea of war. Paint/draw/sculpt/photograph/whatever your opinion of war, and the emotions wars stir up inside of you.
  • Give it a title and send it to (use the Subject: Art War 003). 
  • As per the Art War Rules, we will accept entrants thru 21FEB14 and post below. We will announce a winner on 28FEB14!!
  • Come back and VOTE for your favorites in the Comment Section below or on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram!   

"Arghendab at Dawn"
Tony Thomas
Arghendab River Valley, Afghanistan. 2010.

Tony Thomas
Arghendab River Valley, Afghanistan. 2010.
"Weapons of Medium Destruction."
Tony Thomas
Arghendab River Valley, Afghanistan. 2010.
Tony Thomas
Arghendab River Valley, Afghanistan. 2010.
"House of Prayer."
Tony Thomas
Arghendab River Valley, Afghanistan. 2010.
"Field of Dreams...and IEDs."
Tony Thomas
Arghendab River Valley, Afghanistan. 2010.

Art War 002 {And The Winner Is}

We have officially concluded our second ever Art War! Thanks so much to all the "competitors" and everybody who voted on the blog/Facebook/Twitter/email/etc.  So without further ado...

THE WINNER OF ART WAR 002 IS...........

Get Right For The Weekend Playlist #16.

So stoked for April's's our third of (many?) Coachella inspired playlists to get your weekend a-rockin' and a-rollin'...starring Coachella 2014 artists from Bicep to Calvin Harris! Loving all the solid EDM, and I'll officially go on record to declare my love for Broken Bells (and Cage the Elephant...and Bryan Ferry...and old school Calvin Harris...and new school Calvin Harris). #Enjoy

Coachella Love Volume 1. | Coachella Love Volume 2.


365 Days of Fab Furniture: Day Thirty-One

Sentient's Live Edge Locust Wood Chair is that moment when you're really pulling away from the design pack. The moment where you're throwing a little caution to the wind, but still picking an amazing/brilliant/stunning statement piece of furniture. Made to order in New York's coolest borough (Brooklyn!!!), this chair, and this furniture company, are doing BIG things. We love it. 

Recommend setting a pair across from a more traditional piece in a living room...they would look fantastic with a low, leather, midcentury sofa. 

Thursday, January 30, 2014

This Just In (029)

This Just In: Antique Armoire.

Perfect Fit: This is the piece that launched next month's 365 Days of Fab Furniture adventure into the best storage out there (check back with us every day in February!). It is simply a stunning piece of storage that will do you and the room it is in great justice. Store dishes, toys, bath towels, whatever in this beast of an armoire and you'll have functionality and sophistication in one. Would L-O-V-E this in a bathroom!

How Much: $750. Only at Clutter!! Come see us or call (912.354.7556) for details!

This Just In (028)

This Just In: Set of 8 Black Chinese Chinoiserie Chairs. 

Perfect Fit: These guys need a little TLC (we'd get some new seat fabric, but that's not too tough), but they are great little chairs for a dining room. Great detail in the backs makes for a little eye-catching statement, and you could use a real nice linen or white vinyl to modernize these guys just a little. Come talk to us about them...we have some ideas!

How Much: $599 for the set (8). Only at Clutter!! Come see us or call (912.354.7556) for details!

365 Days of Fab Furniture: Day Thirty

The timeless Eames' Molded Plastic Chair w/ Wire Base (by Herman Miller for Room&Board, $319) is a classic design masterpiece that really transcends aesthetic and can fit in any space with any style. Featured in Aqua Sky, this beauty brings a medium helping of funk, while still being oh-so-cool. Buy six, throw them in a breakfast nook and really awaken your design style! Sitting in this chair is a magnificent way to start each day!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Dream Home of the Week: 1202 Althea Parkway, Savannah, GA

A midcentury dream on Althea Parkway in Savannah's Fairway Oaks. This 4 bedroom/2.5 bath home is listed by Mary Ann Forrester for $349,900...terrazzo tile throughout means you can go fully midcentury or bring in modern details to really make this gem sing. Lots of great finishes inside and out. Dream real. 

365 Days of Fab Furniture: Day Twenty-Nine

Come on, West Elm! Y'all are putting out some beautiful furniture (as usual), including this drool-worthy buffet! The Wood Tiled Buffet ($1199, West Elm) is bedroom-ready for your unmentionables, bathroom-ready as a towel and accessory organizer, and living room-ready as a bar or just additional storage in any room! Handsome, super sleek, and that white on white vibe that is so on trend right now!! Love it. 

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Obsessions of the Week: 26JAN to 01FEB14

The World's Counterfeit Statues. 

Some things we're obsessed with this week:

Twitter Tidbits, vol. eighteen

There is a lot going on in the Twitter-verse. And in order to help you navigate, we pulled out the tippy-top Twitter Tidbits of the week from design experts, local superstars, comedians, and regular joes that will absolutely, positively make your lives better. Check 'em out:

365 Days of Fab Furniture: Day Twenty-Eight

The Swanky Armchair in Oatmeal from Dot&Bo ($399.99). Don Draper would have smoked so many cigarettes and sipped on countless glasses of scotch in this chair. Seriously. It is timeless elegance and we want at least two (in every room of the house!). 

Like the neutrality of the oatmeal fabric and the ability to funk it up with a fun upholstered sofa or stay traditional with a leather chesterfield (just brainstorming).  

Monday, January 27, 2014

This Just In (027)

This Just In: Tall Metal Cabinet.

Perfect Fit: Great storage for a home office, but this guy could work in a loft as an industrial silver chest, to hold your recipes and cookbooks in your kitchen, or in an art studio to hold all your masterpieces. Storage does not have to be should continue the theme of your overall space and add (not take away) from your aesthetic.

How Much: $175. Only at Clutter!! Come see us or call (912.354.7556) for details!

This Just In (026)

This Just In: 1890's English Washstand.

Perfect Fit: Great antique washstand that would make an awesome addition to any kitchen. Very handsome and what a such great history!!! 

How Much: $350. Only at Clutter!! Come see us or call (912.354.7556) for details!

365 Days of Fab Furniture: Day Twenty-Seven

CB2's Fuze Dining Table is major. A set of cement blocks, practically, this minimalist piece is part art, part furniture...visually stunning either way. Love that you can play with the chairs you choose for this table and whether you go funky and modern, or classic with a pair of wing chairs and some more traditional seating, this table will work. Retails for $999. Brilliant. 

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Get Right For The Weekend Playlist #15.

So stoked for April's's our second of (many?) Coachella inspired playlists to get your weekend a-rockin' and a-rollin'...starring Coachella 2014 artists from Arcade Fire to Beck! #Enjoy

Coachella Love Volume 1. 


365 Days of Fab Furniture: Day Twenty-Six

Jonathan Adler's Bacharach Swivel Chair is midcentury bliss. And a timeless occasional chair in any room. There was probably a time in the 80s/90s when midcentury was out, jewel tones were in, and furniture like this...beautiful, brilliant, "shaggadellic" (if you will" was tossed aside. Well the 70s are back in a big way, baby! Treat yourself to two of these awesome, statement chairs and you will not be displeased with the final look!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Get To Know: Brandon Branch

Local style guru, dare we say icon, Brandon Branch, is Paula Deen's right-hand man, a renowned dinner party host, and an extremely talented style blogger on Mrs. Deen's website.  Brandon dishes on his favorite Savannah antique shops (including Clutter...we promise we did not pay him for the mention), his style tips, and what celebrity home he'd love to decorate below. Get to know a little about one of Savannah's big talents!

Design Director, Paula Deen Enterprises

CF&I: Your style has been described as “equal parts Yankee chic and Southern elegance all muddled together in a monogrammed mint julep cup.”  What does that look like? 
BRANDON BRANCH: My style changes with every home that I move into.  My current home on Troup Square is tone on tone with small pops of color.  I love mixing antiques with modern pieces.  I love anything that tells a story, I love the history of pieces.  I have an empire sideboard from 1840 that was made in Savannah that I adore.  Hanging above that is 2 modern pieces of art from a SCAD student.  I feel if you buy things that you love somehow they will all work together.  So I really don’t have just one look.  My next house may have tones of color and be real modern or a Victorian!

CF&I: What is your favorite room in your home right now? What elements or pieces move it to the top of the list?
BB: The favorite room in my house right now is my bedroom.  The chandelier is the centerpiece!!  It weighs over 100lbs and is polished nickel from Circa Lighting.  I have very thick silk drapes in gray, pewter, and cream stripe on marvelous silver rods.  The room is very glamorous and calming  

CF&I: Your dinner parties are world (or at least Savannah) famous. What could we expect from a meal at Casa de Branch?
BB: What you can expect from a meal at one of my dinner parties is first a flawless set table with tons of flowers and candles.  I like to do several courses and like to be formal.  I like to have a mix of friends and at least an hour and half of cocktails before dinner.  My favorite meal to serve is braised short ribs over horseradish mash!

CF&I: What style tips can you give our readers?
BB: Style tips that I live by what you love and it will always work in your home.  You may just have to find just the right spot for it.  Your home should be constantly evolving.  Move things around often.  And always have at least one living thing in a room.  Be it a house plant, an orchid or just greenery cut from your yard. 

CF&I: If you could style one celebrity’s home, past or present, who would it be and why? What pieces would your bring to the space?
BB: The one celebrity’s home I would love to style and do is Paula Deen! I can’t imagine working for anyone else!! When you work for the best why look anywhere else.

CF&I: Where are your go-to shops for your home? Do you like to hunt for furniture online or go junking? 
BB: My go to places in Savannah are Clutter, of course, and I go once a week to Seventh Heaven on Skidaway Road. Joe gets amazing things and I always end up bringing something home from there.  I love The Paris Market and One Fish Two FishArcanum always has wonderful things and so does Jere’s Antiques.

CF&I: When can we expect a follow up to Paula Deen’s Savannah Style to see more of your beautiful designs?  
BB: The book Paula Deen’s Savannah Style that Paula and I wrote together took over 2 years to create.  It was a labor of love.  With so much going on at work now we just don’t have the time to do another at the moment.  I try to do an article in each issue of Paula’s Magazine on entertaining, which is always fun.  But you never know what’s up our sleeves!  

Catch more of Brandon on his Twitter or when he dishes style advise on Paula's Blogs.  

365 Days of Fab Furniture: Day Twenty-Five

The Old Wood Co.'s Heidi Outdoor Dining Table is a reclaimed masterpiece. Really digging all of their work, but love the modern vive of Heidi and the outdoor durability. This piece could survive a New England winter or a Savannah summer. 

Friday, January 24, 2014

Obsessions of the Week: 19JAN14 to 25JAN14
Architectural Digest.

Some things we're obsessed with this week:

Styled By Lynn: Limoges & Turtle Shells

The store is styled up this week in full Limoge & Turtle Shell action in this rustic, yet sophisticated vignette. Really loving that turtle shells are so "in" right now, from Nate Berkus' Target line to our genuine assortment at Clutter, they add a great little statement. And because they are not too expensive, you can really create a great feature wall with an assortment of them.

It can get really frustrating styling a bookcase or shelf sometimes when you feel like pieces are not exactly speaking to each other or that one might be overwhelming to the whole scheme. I like to "play" until I've got a great conversation going between all the individual elements. The limoges above really speak to the super chic, white lamps and the coral (my favorite) sets the whole thing off without being too much.

Come talk to us at Clutter anytime for styling advice or just to gab about ideas for your home. Love dishing on my obsessions of the moment and sharing ideas!

365 Days of Fab Furniture: Day Twenty-Four

Room & Board's Bryant Sofa is the perfect outdoor accoutrement. Don't be afraid to really style up your outdoor is an extension of your home and sometimes the first inpression for guests. This piece is durable, sleek, and sophisticated and really could work indoors as well as out. And it's a wonder how far we've come with durability of fabrics!

The Bryant Sofa comes in a variety of colors and fabrics (including hot pink!!) and starts at $2999.

This Just In (025)

This Just In: Brass & Glass Waterfall Table.

Perfect Fit: YES! I love this table/desk circa the 70s. Great piece that is very in-style right now and would make a killer statement in a home office. Because it is clear and doesn't take up too much visual space, you can get a real wow-moment chair to go with it and the combo would look smashing. This desk is phenomenal.

How Much: $675. Only at Clutter!! Come see us or call (912.354.7556) for details!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Dream Home of the Week: 105 Riverside Drive, Savannah, GA
Richardson Creek's 105 Riverside Drive is truly a phenomenal property. Listed by realtor Heather Murphy at $1.35 Million, you get a lot of house in Riverside. The closed-in porch is our favorite feature, but there's a pool out back and stunning deck that set this home off (click on the photos above for all the images).

Great bones, and unstaged, you can really imagine what this place you could be. We're thinking "hunting lodge on the river"...some great mounts, hide-covered wing chairs, long oak dining table. #Fetch

This Just In (024)

This Just In: Pair of French Twin Beds.

Perfect Fit: Obviously in a bedroom...that's the easy part...but how to coordinate a room around these stunners?! Go with a simple white set of bedding, maybe a funky throw pillow added on for some flair. These would look great against a gray wall, a chic, vintage bedstand between the pair with a classic silhouette portrait above each bed of the little stylish young lady who will live in this beautiful room. And add a chandelier just for that extra W-O-W!

How Much: $695 for the pair. Only at Clutter!! Come see us or call (912.354.7556) for details!

365 Days of Fab Furniture: Day Twenty-Three

Jonathan Adler's Jacques Etagere is the perfect minimalist piece to pump up any nook / wall / space. This beauty is so perfect, it would make a garage look like a palace. JA never fails, but this really is one of the stand-outs from his already brilliant line. 

The Jacques Etagere is listed at $1995 from Jonathan Adler. 

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

365 Days of Fab Furniture: Day Twenty-Two

I'm going to start a Kickstart fund to raise money for these epic Louis XVI Twin Beds for my daughter...she needs them. But I digress. These beauties would look amazing in a simple room...a nice gray paint on the wall...a chic, refined nightstand in the middle and a large hunting painting above...the possibilities are endless.

Layla Grace offers these One of a Kind pieces as a set for $3080.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

365 Days of Fab Furniture: Day Twenty-One

Horchow's Worthen Sheepskin Chair and Ottoman are wow-moment, signature pieces. Everything else in the room is going to have to be a little neutral to pull off these pieces...but they're certainly worth it. Just keep the kids and the dogs FAR AWAY!

The Worthen Sheepskin Chair is listed at $4699; the matching ottoman is $2099.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Pillow Talk {002}

The perfect way to add a little pizzazz or sophistication to any space is with pillows. In our second ever Pillow Talk, we're tackling our color obsession of the month, green! Here are some rockin' green pillows that would make even Kermit blush. 


Solid Silk Hand-Loomed Pillow Cover.
West Elm, $44. 
Green Zebra Pop Throw Pillow.
Jonathan Adler, $125.
Jennifer Paganelli Marcella Green Bargello.
Layla Grace, $96.
Lobster Hook Pillow.
Layla Grace, $48. 
Quadruple Chair Portrait Pillow Cover.
Dot & Bo, $29.99. 
Palm Leaf Indoor/Outdoor Pillow.
Etsy, $45.
Trina Turk Needlepoint Pillow.
Layla Grace, $52.
Sabira Sage Beaded Pillow.
Horchow, $195.

365 Days of Fab Furniture: Day Twenty

I love a good ottoman and CR Laine's Yates Ottoman is the cat's (very formal) pajamas. CR Laine is a great Hickory, North Carolina company that will help you pick fabrics, materials, and pieces to fill any space in your home. Great southern company with great (superb/fantastic) furniture!  

This Just In (023)

This Just In: Antique Rosewood Trolley. 

Perfect Fit: I think a lot of people get turned off by the cost of antiques (and even vintage furniture) when they see things at HomeGoods (etc.) at much lower rates.  To the discerning eye, though, an antique item, like this beautiful trolley, is a piece of art.   You could realistically use this piece in any room, though I'd love it in an office filled with vintage books and maybe a bust of one of our Founding Fathers. [It would also look smashing in a master closet filled with Louboutins, but the vintage books thing sounds a lot more sophisticated...]

How Much: $1299. Only at Clutter!! Come see us or call (912.354.7556) for details!

Gone But Not Forgotten...TEN

Some really special pieces came in and quickly flew out of the store are some of our favorites that are gone, but not forgotten:


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