Monday, January 20, 2014

This Just In (023)

This Just In: Antique Rosewood Trolley. 

Perfect Fit: I think a lot of people get turned off by the cost of antiques (and even vintage furniture) when they see things at HomeGoods (etc.) at much lower rates.  To the discerning eye, though, an antique item, like this beautiful trolley, is a piece of art.   You could realistically use this piece in any room, though I'd love it in an office filled with vintage books and maybe a bust of one of our Founding Fathers. [It would also look smashing in a master closet filled with Louboutins, but the vintage books thing sounds a lot more sophisticated...]

How Much: $1299. Only at Clutter!! Come see us or call (912.354.7556) for details!

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