Thursday, April 25, 2013

Get To Know: Autumn VanGunten

Autumn VanGunten is one half of Savannah's trendiest blog, You're Welcome Savannah. But more than that, she's an entrepreneur, local business enthusiast, and social media icon.  If you haven't checked out her beautiful website, with photographer extraordinaire, Cedric Smith, try her on Pinterest/Facebook/Twitter/Vine (you get the picture?). 

In the meantime, please get to know a little bit about, Ms. VanGunten!

CLUTTER FURNISHINGS & INTERIORS : What influenced you to start You're Welcome Savannah? 
AUTUMN VANGUNTEN: Cedric Smith and I had talked for several years on starting up a blog that highlighted small business, fashion and art through photography. We wanted to focus on the smaller guy and give people and business an opportunity to participate with features and affordable advertising. With the shift in the economy a few years back we felt it was perfect timing so the YWS blog was born.

CF&I: What has been your favorite piece to cover on YWS?

AVG: I really adore our DIY pieces. I have the most special DIY contributor Lindsay Williams and together we have put together some really fun posts. She is now in the process of taking it over by herself for a time. 
My favorite piece would have to be the first one we ever did because it was actually the first time I met her in person and she has since become a very good friend and someone I'm so thankful for knowing. Plus the Prosecco and lemon sorbet wasn't bad either. Try it. It will make you happy.
Here is the link for our first DIY!
...I also am kinda obsessed with our Style Spreads. I love the intimacy that Cedric captures with the subject and their individual style. Our latest one with Isabelle Ewing is an example of how fun and quirky these shoots can be.

CF&I: If you could feature one person for YWS, past or present, who would it be and why?

AVG: It's perhaps lame but I don't have a specific person but I have to say that I am drawn mostly to college kids. I love featuring them. I love the positivity, energy, and untarnished views that they hold. We involve them often in our Style Series that I just spoke of and I find them to be refreshing, new, and shiny. 

CF&I: What do you love most about living and working in Savannah?

AVG: I love living and working amongst some of the most creative people in the South! The brilliance and originality that resides within this city is spectacular. However, I would like to see a shift in learning how to properly appreciate the talent in this community. Many of the complaints I hear are the same. People wanting work done for free. We need to change that. We need to demand that people and their talents are properly compensated. We could all learn to work more together. Be better together. It's a community thing. We have everything we need, except the mindset. I hope to see that change. 

CF&I: What is your guilty pleasure?

AVG: So many...

Chocolate, dark, milk, white. I don't care. I want it. 
Trashy reality TV.....I adore Andy Cohen and his genius of teaming crazy people together!
Movie theatre popcorn. I don't share. Don't judge me. 
Social media. I'm on it ALL the time.. 
Cheese dip, guacamole and margaritas with my girls!

Making fun of inappropriate things at inappropriate times. It can get awkward. Like crickets chirping awkward. As a child my nickname was 'Naughty Auti' and that name has followed me into adulthood and for good reason. 

CF&I: Describe You're Welcome Savannah in five words.
AVG: Creative, Original, Beautiful, Quality, and Community.
More on Autumn VanGunten:
   Twitter: @YoureWelcomeSav or @AutumnVanGunten
   Facebook: You're Welcome Savannah
   Vine: Youre Welcome
[Photo Credit: You're Welcome Savannah's, Cedric Smith] 

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