Sunday, July 21, 2013

Obsessions of the Week: 21JUL13 to 27JUL13

Some things we're obsessed with this week:
  • Iggy Azalea. Just...can't...get...enough! If you haven't checked out the Australian born, hip-hop artist / model, it's about time you get on board. She will be included on all your upcoming weekend playlists. And party mixes. And workout mixes. Et cetera. Try "Work" on for size...ironically, it is Not Safe For Work (NSFW).
  • Mixing Patterns. We talked about our deep, long, passionate obsession with mixing patterns HERE.
  • The Brick Artist, Nathan Sawaya. We featured him as one of our Artists of the Day this week, but we just can't get enough. This guy builds beautiful and culturally significant sculptures out of LEGOs and we just want more. Check out his beautiful site and see all the awesome (and sometimes sarcastic) things he is doing.
  • The Rest Stop's awesome new website. If you're looking for quality mattresses at great prices from AWESOME people...try The Rest Stop. Local love, baby! 

Dream Home of the Day: 18 Middle Marsh Retreat, Savannah, GA

Love the exposed beams of this beautiful home the coffered ceilings in the living room and in the grids in the kitchen...brilliant. And living on a marsh offers such intimate privacy. As Mariah Carey would say..."#Beautiful". Click on the photos to see even more via Trulia.

Artist of the Day: Billy Apple

Pop Art's Billy Apple is a Warhol contemporary, a neon-advocate, and an amazing conceptual artist. His pieces, like Warhol's, personify the Pop Art movement with images of apples and common household items. Ch-ch-check him out.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Artist of the Day: Nathan Sawaya

Nathan Sawaya, the Brick Artist, creates beautiful and culturally significant sculptures out of...Lego's.  From a recreation of the New York Public Library lions, to his foray into street art with Hugman, Sawaya is creative genius. Click on the photos above to see his awesome, funny, sarcastic website and the full collection of Lego sculptures. #Brilliant

Dream Home of the Day: 1098 Saint Andrews Drive, Macon, GA

This Macon manse has almost 9000 square feet of intricate detail including coffered ceilings in the master, stunning woodwork in the office/library, and a beautiful pool. It's official. We're moving to Macon. Maybe. Click on the photos for even more of this beautiful home via Trulia. 

Friday, July 19, 2013

Get To Know: Shawndra Russell

Photo courtesy of
Self-described Savannah advocate, Shawndra Russell is a social media maverick and author of one of our favorite reads, Couple Friends. She's got some great advice for aspiring authors in her brand new e-guide, How to Become a Freelance Writer in 30 Days, and is a craft brew expert if you need a new beer suggestion.  Shawndra is pretty awesome...and we'll forgive her for being a Cleveland Browns fan...Get To Know a little bit about Shawndra Russell below:

Founder, Shawndra Russell Communications
Author of Couple Friends
Freelance Writer, Researcher, Social Media Expert

CLUTTER FURNISHINGS AND INTERIORS: What drew you to the world of social media relations?
SHAWNDRA RUSSELL: 2 years ago, I took a leap of faith and quit my job teaching so I could become a full-time freelance writer. To do so, I quickly learned that I needed to be active on social media to promote myself and my work as well as connect with editors and media outlets that might hire me. I also spent two years as a marketing director for an international travel company right out of grad school, so I had that background and realized that social media is just a condensed form of storytelling. It's not supposed to be sales-y, but so many businesses use it basically as another advertising platform, when really it's a conversation. I knew I knew I could help business do better jobs at sharing their stories, and I love helping small business owners -- particularly Savannah and lifestyle-related businesses -- grow their audiences and teach them how to adapt to the changing online world.

CF&I: What is your favorite social media medium?
SR: I love Twitter. It's my go-to source when it comes to finding out what people around the world think about a particular topic. And so many people that I follow share amazing content that I might not have discovered myself. It's my newspaper. Plus, it's so easy to use and affords me the chance to interact with people that I might never have been able to reach through other platforms -- I was ecstatic when Candace Bushnell (Sex and the City) followed me back!

We're also big Cleveland Browns Fans -- I'm from Ohio -- and it's hilarious reading other fans' real-time reactions to plays and coaching decisions when a game is on.  I feel like I'm watching the game with a million friends. Twitter is awesome for events; I've actually live-tweeted several such as Savannah Stopover, Geekend, TedxCC, etc. and would be thrilled to see more businesses utilize the power of hiring someone like me to cover special events, conferences, openings, etc.

CF&I: As a writer, who are your influences?
SR: I gravitate to stories about human relationships of all kinds -- familial, love, friendship, self, etc. For my fiction (Couple Friends, my first published novel, was released last year and has a Savannah setting), I'm influenced by Nora Ephron, Lauren Weisberger, Emily Giffin, Jane Green, Claire Cook, Candace Bushnell. For nonfiction, I've really been getting into business books as I grow my business so I read Alexis Grant, Michael Port, and Jay Baer for guidance. But I learn from all genres and types of writers that are just plain masters at what they do, like Jack Kerouac, Markus Zusak, J.R. Moehringer, and Suzanne Collins. 

CF&I: What is your go-to, read over and over, recommend-to-friends book?
SR: I don't read books more than once because there are too many good books out there! But for anyone coming to Savannah for the first time, I always recommend Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. I didn't read it until I'd already moved here, but it gives such a great glimpse into our city. I also used to teach One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, On the Road, and The Book Thief, all must-reads. But for fun, I recommend anything by Nora Ephron. She's hilarious and has such spot-on social commentary; I watch When Harry Met Sally at least a couple of times every year.

CF&I: When can we expect your next novel to hit the shelves?
SR: Actually I have two e-guides that will come out before my second novel, Keepsakes, is published (also about love and friendship like Couple Friends). The two e-guides are career-related: Become a Freelance Writer in 30 Days will be out in July, and the other is a crash course in social media for small business. All three should be released before the end of the year, and I'm hoping to squeeze in a fourth -- it will be a nonfiction title, which was inspired by Sheryl Sandberg's Lean In and will celebrate inspiring career women.

CF&I: What is your guilty pleasure?
SR: Craft beer. My husband and I love to try and all craft beers, and we are the beer geeks who basically only order beers we've never tried even if the bar of restaurant we're at has our favorite brew on hand.

CF&I: Describe yourself in five words.
SR: Optimistic, adventurous, travel-obsessed, Savannah advocate.

Find Shawndra Russell on Twitter and check out her blog for even more SR.  

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Artist of the Day: Daniel E. Smith

Daniel Smith, SCAD graduate and Savannah artist, explores light and form through his beautiful landscapes and abstracts. He has shown all over the country and even has a few works at Clutter (!!). Click on the photos above to see his full portfolio and learn more about this great local artist.

Dream Home of the Day: 152 South Shore Drive, Hilton Head, SC

Definitely feeling the traditional vibe of this Hilton Head home. While our overall style tends to be more midcentury and minimalist, sometimes when the decor matches a brilliant home like this you just dive right in. Don't be afraid to add your own touches and mix styles.  You never want to have a space that is TOO one-style...traditional on traditional on traditional becomes bland.

Need some help mixing styles in your home? Come talk to Lynn and Brooke at Clutter and we'll point you in the right direction!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Artist of the Day: Elizabeth Winnel

SCAD grad, Elizabeth Winnel, explores color and form in the most unique, fascinating, and powerful of ways. Click on the photos above to see Elizabeth's portfolio on her beautiful website and visit shopSCAD to buy an original Winnel!

Dream Home of the Day: 510 East St. Julian Street, Savannah, GA

Really into this Downtown Savannah historic home (built in 1797!!!!) with tons of charm and plenty of original features.  The bricked-in fireplace with exposed beams above is everything.  Click on the photos to see even more of this beautiful home, listed for a smidge below $1 Million, on Trulia.


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Dream Home of the Day: 920 East Victory Drive, Savannah, GA

Love the charm and classic bones of this Victory Drive home. Victory's a little busy, sure, but it's homes are staples of Savannah and Southern charm.  Click on the photos for even more of this Victory stunner via 


Artist of the Day: Cecil Beaton

Fashion photographer, Cecil Beaton, captured everyone from Marilyn to Audrey to Elizabeth and so many more. He was also an Academy Award winning costume designer (for My Fair Lady) and a brilliant painter and artist to boot. 

Monday, July 15, 2013

Artist of the Day: Rembrandt

In honor of Rembrandt's 407th birthday (thanks Google for the reminder!), Rembrandt is our Artist of the Day!!

Dream Home of the Day: 601 Bay Street, Beaufort, SC

Love this beauty in Beaufort. Great porches (yah...plural!). And awesome rooms including a stunning library. Click on the photos above to see even more via Trulia.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Artist of the Day: Milton Avery

Milton Avery was a brilliant, American abstract expressionist artist. Inspired by Matisse and pre-cubism Picasso, Avery captured Americana in simple, yet elegant imagery. Check out Milton's work and you'll be an insta-fan.

Dream Home of the Day: 20 W Gaston Street, Savannah, GA

With almost 10,000 square feet of intricate detail and luxe interiors, 20 West Gaston is a dream in downtown Savannah. Every inch of this home has a purpose and an elegant flair. Click on the photos to see even more via Trulia...including a chandelier in the master bath (of course!!!).


Thursday, July 11, 2013

Get To Know: Leslie Miller

Click on the photo to see Leslie's beautiful website.

Local artist and SCAD alum, Leslie Miller, is shaking up the art and fashion worlds with her beautiful fiber-based creations. You can find her in stores on both coasts and in collaboration with Project Runway alum, April Johnston.  If you don't know Leslie yet, it's about time you got on board. Get to know a little about her below!

Owner, Leslie Miller Design
Artist, Designer, Creator
CLUTTER FURNISHINGS AND INTERIORS: What drew you to fashion and jewelry?
LESLIE MILLER:  Definitely the people that I met in my last weeks of college and the Summer following. I had planned on going into print design somewhere, and doing small beading projects on the side, but once I met April Johnston of Mangled Courtesan, we realized that something about our styles worked perfectly together...and it stuck.

CF&I: As an artist, what is your favorite medium to work with?
LM:  Beads and sequins! As far as materials to embellish, I would say anything with a little bit of structure. Leather is high on my list and recently, taffeta. I also have a great love for wood burning.

CF&I: What advice do you have for aspiring artists?
LM:  I think the best thing we can all do as aspiring and/or established artists is to stay true to what we love. It is very easy to lose your voice in our field trying to please everyone, but someone somewhere is inspired and in awe by what you do.
         I also think spending time working or visiting with other artists and designers is very important. It allows us to get a glimpse of their styles, inspirations and techniques and they gain all the same experiences with you.

CF&I: Where can we find Leslie Miller Designs?
LM: Right now, I have my beaded accessories in a boutique in Los Angeles called Orphic and in shopSCAD here in Savannah. The most recent collection by Mangled Courtesan is also in both of these locations as well. It is so awesome to find places that are so helpful and supportive to young designers and artists. It is all available via email as well and can be seen at

CF&I: What’s next for Mangled Courtesan, your collaboration with April Johnston?
LM: April and I are currently working on our next collection for Spring/Summer14, Purgatoire. We plan on showing in September and so far it is beyond exciting and beautiful. As April prepares to make a move up north, we will continue to work together, just with a few hundred miles between us. Look out east coast!

CF&I: What celebrity would you just die if you saw them wearing your work?
LM: Whew! This is good. Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine and Ellie Goulding. So much talent and style...yep I would die!

CF&I: What music is on your design playlist right now while you’re creating?
LM: A little bit of everything. Some days I love country and other days, Ellie Goulding and Lana del Rey. We are so lucky Pandora exists!

CF&I: What is your guilty pleasure?
LM: French fries! All of them.

CF&I: Describe Leslie Miller Design in five words.
LM: Intricate. Delicate. Sparkle. OOAK. (I know only 5 words! One of a kind)

Artist of the Day: Amedeo Modigliani

Modigliani is a pimp. Another great artist taken well before his time, AM died at 35 from tuberculosis in France. His modern portraits included exagerated facial features giving his subjects an almost mask-like look. He's awesome.  


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