Sunday, July 21, 2013

Obsessions of the Week: 21JUL13 to 27JUL13

Some things we're obsessed with this week:
  • Iggy Azalea. Just...can't...get...enough! If you haven't checked out the Australian born, hip-hop artist / model, it's about time you get on board. She will be included on all your upcoming weekend playlists. And party mixes. And workout mixes. Et cetera. Try "Work" on for size...ironically, it is Not Safe For Work (NSFW).
  • Mixing Patterns. We talked about our deep, long, passionate obsession with mixing patterns HERE.
  • The Brick Artist, Nathan Sawaya. We featured him as one of our Artists of the Day this week, but we just can't get enough. This guy builds beautiful and culturally significant sculptures out of LEGOs and we just want more. Check out his beautiful site and see all the awesome (and sometimes sarcastic) things he is doing.
  • The Rest Stop's awesome new website. If you're looking for quality mattresses at great prices from AWESOME people...try The Rest Stop. Local love, baby! 

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