Saturday, April 27, 2013

Work Hard Play Hard: The Scarlet Letter

This week's Work Hard Play Hard drink is brought to you by the beautiful bartenders of The Study in Honolulu's The Modern Hotel.  Might have had one too many of these bad boys last night...but they were delish! 

Elegantly described on the menu as:

"Stolichnaya vodka, flash infused with a pineapple and fresh orange, bound in cranberry and served over a pillow of seltzer"

BUT you can take your own spin on this rockin' drink at home.  We go with:
  • One part vodka (Stoli is good, but even your cheap stuff will work!)
  • One part seltzer
  • One part Cranberry/Pineapple/Orange Juice (or to taste)
For a twist and great look, freeze your juices in an ice tray and you have fun colorful cubes to go with this literary gem of a drink.  Let us know what you think y'all.

If you're ever in Hawaii, try The Study at The Modern for a great drink, literary inspired menu items, and awesome live music.  Brooke and Tony will definitely come meet you down there!

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