Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Art War {002}

Art War {002} / January 2014 Task:

Oh, the humanity!
  • Using your choice of medium/mixed media, create a piece that embodies the human spirit. Paint/draw/sculpt/photograph/write a poem about something that embodies humanity to you...especially apropos during the New Year's introspection and resolution-making.
  • Give it a title and send it to (use the Subject: Art War 002). 
  • As per the Art War Rules, we will accept entrants thru 21JAN14 and post below.
  • Come back and VOTE for your favorites in the Comment Section below or on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram!   

"As Bukowski Might Say: 'Ambition Handicapped by Laziness'"
Tony Thomas
[7"x 9" Oil on Reused Canvas]

"The Above"
Peter Zukof
"The Human Experience Through the Eyes of a Two-Year Old"
Ray Thomas (A Two-Year Old)
[5'x6' Acrylic on Canvas; Framed/Stretched by Ray's Daddy]

"Drowning Man"
Brooke Thomas
[16"x 24"Oil and Acrylic on Canvas]



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