Friday, January 24, 2014

Styled By Lynn: Limoges & Turtle Shells

The store is styled up this week in full Limoge & Turtle Shell action in this rustic, yet sophisticated vignette. Really loving that turtle shells are so "in" right now, from Nate Berkus' Target line to our genuine assortment at Clutter, they add a great little statement. And because they are not too expensive, you can really create a great feature wall with an assortment of them.

It can get really frustrating styling a bookcase or shelf sometimes when you feel like pieces are not exactly speaking to each other or that one might be overwhelming to the whole scheme. I like to "play" until I've got a great conversation going between all the individual elements. The limoges above really speak to the super chic, white lamps and the coral (my favorite) sets the whole thing off without being too much.

Come talk to us at Clutter anytime for styling advice or just to gab about ideas for your home. Love dishing on my obsessions of the moment and sharing ideas!

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