Sunday, March 16, 2014

The New Althea Project...Mini-Projects.

Working on some smaller projects as we wait for the bamboo ceilings to go in downstairs. Remember to break things up so you're getting little victories everyday to keep you motivated and on task.

The fireplace painting is complete and we hung the lady of the house at her appropriate height above the fire. I'm deeply/madly/truly in love with her and the two large urns on either side of her. This fireplace makes me happy. 

We also removed this large mirror from upstairs and placed it in the hallway. I'm loving the reflection of the stairs. I'm working on shelling this mirror to complete the look. Will look amazing in the end.

And I got my Frosty Montgomery's up. You might remember them from the old house in a similar arrangement, and while I don't like to carry all of the old home's details into a new space, it's fun to keep some details the same for nostalgic appeal. And these just look great together. 

Stay tuned for a lot more progress to come in the New Althea Project! 

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