Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Styled By Lynn: Frosty Wall

I love a good awkward wall space or nook and cranny in any room. Gives another opportunity to tell a story and, in effect, create a greater mood for the whole room.

Now, I'm not talking about filling every little bit of wall with something...a la Bennigan's or other popular over-the-top restaurant chains...everything in moderation. 

This little nook in our old Althea home is a place where I can show off my mini-collection of Frosty Montgomery pieces. These exceptional miniatures give a larger statement grouped together and they look lovely in our former, formal living room (intentional alliteration). 

If you're beginning your art collection, look for small pieces by your favorite artists for starters. One, they will not break your bank, and two, if you're able to get several of them, they do the work of larger pieces when grouped together.

Happy decorating! Lynn.

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