Sunday, March 16, 2014

365 Days of Fab Furniture: Day Seventy-Five

I'm on the fence with the Jonathan Adler Woodhouse Bed. Yes, it is fab. Of course. Like everything Adler, this piece is fantastic. But it is also a lot. My fear when using strong architectural statements pieces like this bed is that you take away from the overall impact of the room. Especially if you had two of these twin beds in a little girl's room.

To tone down the WOW moments of Woodhouse, use a neutral wall color or paper...maybe a seagrass. A nice simple rug (sisal is what we would go with) over large plank wood floors would look pretty impeccable. And then go white with linens. Bring in pops of color with pillows and art, and you'll have a great overall statement without these beds overwhelming the space. 

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