Friday, March 7, 2014

Brooke's Look: Savannah Gallery Wall

Inspired by Katherine Sandoz and Design Sponge's #DSArt project, I decided to redo our gallery wall with a focus on Savannah art in our Hawaii home.

Set against a classic emerald, my colour du jour, I rearranged our art to show off some of our favorite Savannah artists including Mrs. Sandoz, Kelley Hagemes, Jamee Linton, Jimmy Rahn, and some past Art War competitors (Tony and I). All have a really special place in my heart, and home, and being so far away from Savannah, this wall gets me nostalgic/gooey/happy inside!

Small works are perfect for gallery walls and they don't break the bank. Arrange them on a wall in a sharp-clearly laid out grid, or go crazy and arrange them haphazardly for a fun look. You really can't go wrong either way and you'll get a great statement wall in your home!

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