Tuesday, November 12, 2013

This Just In (005)


This Just In: Set (4) of 1960's orange chrome chairs.

Perfect Fit: Sometimes, when you're looking for the perfect dining room chairs, you have to think outside the box. These rockin' 1960's vintage chairs would look amazing along a traditional or even metal dining room table. We'd pair them with some uber-traditional arm chairs at the head and foot...think high-back, deep-leather, arm chairs...for an all around funky-meets-chic look. 

Don't be afraid to mix styles. A funky, midcentury piece (like these chairs) stands out even more when juxtaposed against a traditional wood or leather piece. You could even find the same style chair (straight lines, etc), in a neutral tone to set these babies off as well.

How Much: $425 for the set (4). Only at Clutter!! Come see us or call (912.354.7556) for details!

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