Monday, April 29, 2013

Hotel Style: The Modern Honolulu (Part One)

If you ever need some style inspiration, take a trip to a boutique hotel or bed and breakfast.  You don't even need to worry about staying overnight. Generally, the lobby packs a huge style punch to get your décor motors running. 

Our first Hotel Style feature is The Modern Honolulu, a beautiful Waikiki resort that we had the pleasure of staying at this past weekend.  The lobby is all soft lights, leather, white beachy walls and dark floors. Great inspiration for a library or home office.  They also have a beautiful Herbie Fletcher installation over the front desk.

If you ever make it out of the stunning lobby, with adjacent bar, The Study (as featured in this week's Work Hard Play Hard) and make it to your room, you'll truly be in for a treat.

Continuing the white on white, monochromatic beach vibe, your room is a paradise in actual paradise. Slipcovers, white linen, and dark woods are this rooms go-to looks and are easy to tie in to your home.

And if you thought it couldn't get any better, just look out your window...

Stay tuned for Part Two, when we head downstairs to the world famous Morimoto's for some genius food and amazing style.

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