Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Clutter Top Ten: Local Bars

Clutter's unofficial motto, thanks in part to the lyricism of Wiz Khalifa, is "Work Hard, Play Hard".  We run ourselves ragged trying to find the best furniture and home décor items for y'all, and on the weekend we check out some of our Top Ten favorite local watering holes:

1. JEN'S&FRIENDS. I don't think you can find a better martini or a better girls night spot.  For serious, this place is where my four besties and I kick it when we're not trying to take Savannah (and the world) by storm.  Check it out, but remember to bring some girlfriends. And try their glazed donut martini while supplies last!!

2. Abe's on Lincoln is the coolest bar with the lowest ceiling (ever).  Slouch on into Abe's and enjoy some great DJ-spun-tunes, write your name on the wall in the bathroom, and reflect on the sheer cleverness of this little bar's name...get it...Abe's on Lincoln...like Abe Lincoln.  Clever!

3. Churchill's  new wine bar, Winston's, offers a huge selection of vino, plus if you get too lit, you can grab a Shepherd's Pie upstairs. Our friends love this place so much they're having their wedding reception there!! Awesome.

4. Kevin Barry's is our favorite dirty, Irish pub on River Street. Scratch that. Down town, period. With the perfect blend of Irish music and debauchery mixed with a huge military appreciation, KB's offers live music, beer and fun nightly. Speaking of weddings, we had our rehearsal dinner at Kevin Barry's and Vic and the gang put on an amazing spread.

5. McDonough's has karaoke. And if that wasn't enough, they serve THE best white Russian in town. Watch "The Big Lebowski", then head to McDonough's to reenact all your favorite Dude moments.

6. Bar Food has dollar drinks on Tuesday. Yes, that's right. I'll say it one more time...on Tuesday's, you can head to Habersham Village's hottest bar and get a ironically named drink for ONE DOLLAR! Good apps, great folks, and an awesome place.

7. If you head out to Tybee, you MUST stop by Chef Kurtis Schumm's, Tybee Island Social Club.  Three words...Bacon.Bloody.Mary.  Ridiculously good.

8. Rocks on the Roof at the Bohemian offers riverfront views with class. Take a break from River Street and head to the roof for a great time.

9. I used to think that gardening was boring. Then I went to a garden made of beer...a Beer Garden if you will! Check it out at Moon River Brewing Company and you, too, will be a green thumb (of sorts) in no time!

10. Molly MacPherson's is our final choice, and I know y'all are gonna say we forgot this or that, but give Molly's a shot and you will be hooked! Live music, good drinks, fun times. 

Let us know what we forgot, what your faves are, and where we should head for a great drink and an awesome night.  Drink responsibly!

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