Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Reality Recap: Don't Be Tardy...

On our favorite Housewife spinoff (at least until Phaedra gets a show called "Everybody Knows"), Kim and Kroy are moved in, babied up, and living their (crazy) life.  The 30APR13 episode, titled "The Blonde Side", showed Kim/Kroy going to the psychic, getting body wraps, bitchin', moanin', getting mummified, and Kim learning football.

Kim, the original accidental racist, loves being wrapped up in a spa on national television. (We've seen this before on Real Housewives of ATL.)  She also loves her man and her family, and while her new home pales in comparison to the "Queen of Versailles'" (check that one out), she loves her new home, too. Everything but the home gym which causes momentary TV drama.

Kim playing football, drinking wine was HIGH-larious.  Explaining that drinking makes her learn better, we understand more clearly why she is our role model.

All in all, good episode.  Why is it only a half an hour, Bravo? 

Some of the classic lines of the night:

KIM: "I want to get Kroy in the sack, that's how I remember he needs to get sacks."

KROY: "A twinkie is soft and creamy...like breast milk."
KROY: "My body makes the money."

LARGE FOOTBALL PLAYING WOMAN: "Welcome to football, baby."
OTHER LARGE FOOTBALL PLAYING WOMAN: "You don't want to see us in lingerie playing."

KIM: "First down then four down...down, down, down."

KIM: "Couple of glasses of wine, I'll try these drills now."

ALL: "Drink!"

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