Thursday, March 6, 2014

The New Althea Project...Hanging Art

We already talked about gradually moving furniture into a space. While you're bringing in signature pieces, remember to bring in art. Art both physically and visually takes up space, so you want to remember to keep it in your overall scope and plan for the room. 

Surfaces you know that will not have furniture on them/against them (above the fireplace for instance), you can go ahead and throw a piece of art up there. And stay flexible. If it doesn't work, take the piece down and rotate amongst your collection.

This gal is one of my favorite pieces in our home, and she's stays my favorite because I can move her from room to room and she always "fits". 

You can find great pieces of art at local galleries or through artists directly...sometimes the task of finding art for purchase can be daunting, so we have a series on Art You Should Consider Buying and where to purchase it on the blog! Happy hunting!

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