Friday, January 17, 2014

Brooke's Look: My Kid's Art

I'm not one of those mom's who thinks that my kid's do no wrong, especially in terms of the artwork they make. Sure, I'll probably fawn over most everything they bring home from arts & crafts time, to include most, if not all, macaroni art (I have an affinity for pasta mosaics)...but I will not be hanging every piece of art on every wall in the house.

I do love the idea that children are capturing a world that looks the way they see it...or at least can interpret it. And in such, I think there is some great art that comes out of our kids. [If nothing else, it's personal and meaningful in your own home...even if it looks like a hot mess.]

Growing up, we didn't have many family photos up around the house. It just wasn't part of my mom's design aesthetic (I'll mention that she does have the grandkids' photos up EVERYWHERE...just saying). But she did have a brilliantly framed piece of art that my dad did when he was five years old. I am biased, but I think that work could hang easily in the Whitney (at least in the Whitney bathroom). It's purity and honest portrayal of what that five year old saw is mesmerizing.

But I digress. My go to rules for hanging up your children's art in your home, is treat it likes it is a piece you a grown-up piece of art. Have it professionally framed, have it stretched if it's on canvas, and you'll be so surprised at how much more mature it looks while still reminding you that your little cherub created that piece.

I believe that there's no limit to where you can place your baby-Picasso's masterpieces, but don't go gaga for gallery walls in every room. If you want to frame several, do a gallery wall in the child's room or in a craft/play area to keep them inspired. OR...mix your child's pieces in with other art so it doesn't look overwhelmingly juvenile or like a kindergarten classroom. 

And get your kids to go BIG. Buy a huge piece of canvas from any art store and have them go hog wild. Framed or stretched, the pieces overall impact (and size) will immediately mature it (unless it's a handprint-turkey...nothing is going to make that look frame-able...).  

Lastly, change it up. I'm a huge advocate for always moving furniture and art around it your house (at a minimum, it helps you save money when you can repurpose your own furniture). So when Junior brings home a painting in second grade, change out that old first grade piece (store it, of course!). It freshens up the space while still allowing you to get the same overall look. 

My Ray (two years old last October) painted the above canvas. Painted and drove his cars all over it. And I absolutely love the finished look now that it's been stretched. I will be entering it in Art War 002 on his behalf so feel free to go vote for him!

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