Thursday, November 14, 2013

This Just In (006)

This Just In: Chesterfield Loveseat.

Perfect Fit: This handsome fellow is not only extremely chic, but extremely comfortable.  That's often a rarity in design, when you can pair what looks good to what feels good, but this piece does both brilliantly.  Love it for a library or living room, with two occasional chair across from it and a lovely, low coffee table between.  We'd have it in the master bedroom, too, really is a very versatile and timeless piece. 

The good thing about leather is that it starts to look (and feel) better with age.  There are ways to give it a little youth (certain polishes, etc.), but we love the aged leather, worn-in (not worn-out) look. 

How Much: $895. Only at Clutter!! Come see us or call (912.354.7556) for details!

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