Saturday, November 23, 2013

Pinspiration {002}

Some of our favorite rooms of the week from Pinterest for a little Design Inspiration (or Pinspiration as we call it):

Especially in a loft space or in a home with an open floor plan, rooms tend to blend together, but still need to serve their individual purposes. 
     This room does a phenomenal job of both segregating spaces for a dining room and a living room, and also letting them coordinate and speak to each other.  Love the living room and the availability/functionality of the seating arrangement. Super nice. 
Great little vignette that highlights our love affair with mixing fabrics. This classic chair has the most beautiful modern fabric and the leopard print throw pillow just kicks it up a notch.
     Just like when you're getting dressed, if you feel like your room is overcrowded/overdone, it probably is! But if you mix in enough neutrals with a textile-heavy room, you'll probably be just fine.
What an amazing living room! Don't feel like you have to fill your bookshelf, especially if it's massive like this one...throw a huge piece of art to add some flair like they did here, or several small pieces and it breaks up the traditional shelf space. 
     That ottoman is to die for, too! Love that it centers the room, is functional, and colorful yet still neutral...very nice piece.
Love the gray walls and ceiling. Allows you to bring in textures and fun colors in the rug and throw pillows...and that swinging chair...wowza! Talk about a statement piece. 
    We also are loving the art above the catch-all bookshelf; shows you that you can have a kids' space that is still chic and designed to a T. Just keep your kids "stuff" organized and it will start to fit into a space and accent it the same as an accessory / art!

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