Friday, August 30, 2013

Just the Tip: Mixing Patterns

Coordinating fabrics and furnishings doesn't have to be unnerving. You CAN mix patterns with a few simple no-fail rules.
Use patterns that don't fight each other. Even though these two textiles are very busy, they have a calming effect when used together. (Crazy how that works!) The disco, if you will, emerald green fabric is fun and funky while the black & cream traditional pattern is classic and elegant. Together, this pairing is gorgeous and coordinated perfectly.

Using colors and tones that are complimentary on an artistic level is key. Not only does the scale of pillow vs. chair work well, the complimentary colors play a huge role in making this work. The lime green of the floral, classic pattern stands out beautifully against the geometric, modern chevron pattern.

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