Thursday, August 29, 2013

Doppelganger 001

Even the best designers need a little inspiration every now and then! While leafing through our trusted Elle Décor, we found a few things (within the first 15 pages!!) that look suspiciously like items we have at Clutter!
Living Room Ideas
This ad for Oly Atelier is stunning. You too can have this look!
 Clutter has a set of these gorgeous sofas! They look so much like Quintessentially Oly's sofa seen above and for a fraction of the cost! (Just needs to be recovered to achieve exact look.)

Elle Décor showed off this great look using a Lucite console desk and a beautiful Weber Chair.
YOU can have the look from above using this Weber chair from Clutter! Paired with a white console table/desk (also available at Clutter) you can achieve this look for a mere fraction of the cost shown in the magazine! 

Office Solutions

This desk, from the cover, looks just like a few side boards we have recently had at Clutter.

Used as a server is functional, but paired with a high chair or bar chair would transform this everyday server into a fantastic desk!

 Bedroom Room Redo's

This bedroom is great; from the modern art to the beautifully painted twin beds. It's inviting and calm.

Clutter has a set of brass twin beds just like the ones found in Elle Décor. These are perfect the way they are but painted white would give you the look found in the magazine.
For theses items and so much more, visit Clutter at 1100 Eisenhower Drive,  Savannah, GA 31406. Call us at (912) 354-7556 or visit us on Facebook at Clutter Furnishings and Interiors.

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