Sunday, June 9, 2013

Styled By Lynn: Warm Metals

A home is usually very accommodating of metals.  It can be an old piece of iron, perhaps fabricated into a great lamp, or a metal trophy that looks great as a candleholder. Normally, we view metals as cold and hard...but actually they can be very warm.  
Some metal ideas I've been playing with:
  • Instead of keeping a great metal filing cabinet the gray color most are, why not paint it a beautiful red or orange for a fun and perky pop to a room.
  • How about car jacks turned into lamps?  That is for sure fun and instantly a conversation starter...but put a linen shade on that car jack with a crystal finial and it instantly becomes warm….and still an attention grabber!!!!
  • Let brass pieces get that rustic patina instead of polishing them...age is GOOD!
  • How about some vintage knife rests that make a great architectural display on a side table or bookshelf?  
Mixing metals with woods and textural fabrics helps make a room interesting and beautiful.  Hard, soft and warm create a nice backdrop for all spaces.

Styled By, Lynn 

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