Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Styled By Lynn: Do Lampshades Right

There's quite a bit that goes into picking the right shade for your lamp. Harp height, shade size, color, contrast between the shade and lamp are all extremely important considerations when your shade shopping (our version of throwing shade...). Up first, the wrong way to do a shade...

See how you can see the saddle in the above lamp. The harp is TOO high. You can fix this with a harp change or by finding a new shade. Either is viable...and sometimes it's easer to switch the harp since it can be a task to find the exact right shade. Below we fixed the harp and look how beautiful it looks!!
Doesn't that look better?! Perfect harp height, perfect shade...makes the lamp really stand out and shine (pun intended).  So we got the right height...how about a change of color?!
Perfect! Love the neutral toned shade...really adds a little something. And the fun thing is, you can always change the color to get a brand new look in any space. Find great, durable shades that you can transition in between lamps and in between rooms and you'll have several looks for the price of two shades!

Clutter has a huge array of lampshades available in every height, color, and size. Come see us and lets throw some shade together!!

Styled By, Lynn

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