Sunday, June 9, 2013

Obsessions of the Week: 09JUN to 15JUN13

"Team Victory" by Lisa Golightly.
Some things we're obsessed with this week:
  • We have two (TWO!) Instagram obsessions this week:
    • First, Katherine Sandoz is the most prolific, inspired, and important Instagrammer around...seriously, her Instagram feed is a daily (sometimes hourly) updated mix of original drawings, paintings, and awesome photography that embodies Savannah and KS's body of art. I haven't found anyone who Instagrams more (she has 1312 photos up!) or better than Mrs. Sandoz.
    • Our other Instagram obsession is Abandoned Couches of Los Angeles...check it out. It's exactly what it sounds like and it is exactly equal parts awesome and hilarious.
  • Art by Lisa Golightly. "Kiki and Polly" the Art of Lisa Golightly, is the most brilliant Etsy store in the online universe (that we have seen this week). Love the mix of originals on canvas, the prints and giclees, all inspired by her children and all stunningly powerful in their simplicity and story-telling abilities. Lisa Golightly officially has the coolest name EVER...too.
  • The Regram App for Instagram. This funky, funky app allows you to essentially retweet...BUT on Instagram! There are a couple of similar apps out there, but we have had the most success with this one. Hours of fun!
  • Shopping for coffee table books on Amazon....I mean that should basically the title of my memoir. Coffee tables add a certain sophistication, a pop of color, some oomph to any space and you can find plenty of marked down/basically new books on careful, though, because if you're anything like us, before you know it your cart will be full and your credit card will be maxed out...woops!


  1. haha! i actually went to look at my instagram start date. based on the days i've been posting (586), i've only average 2.25 posts per day. but i'm glad i seem present! i do like the instagram. i'm hoping to find a way to print the catalog and maybe clear the feed a bit!

    1. KS - we love your feed! you should do a gallery show with just your instagram images!! inspired.



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