Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Tales of a Social Media Virgin 001

As a business owner, I quickly realized just how important having a strong social media presence day in and day out was.  We opened our doors in January, and within a month's time we had a Facebook, Twitter, Vine, Youtube, BigCartel, get the point.  And until tonight, I would have told you I was pretty savvy on the world wide web in general...I couldn't have been more off base.

I'm in my (late) 20's for Pete's sake and my generation invented the term "Facebook Me" so I should know how to do most things inherently on the web, but when I signed up for my first #PinChat with the fabulous Kelly Lieberman last night (on the uber friendly advice of social media maven Autumn VanGunten) I realized that although Zuckerberg is my peer in age, I don't know nothing about nothing.

First, who has ever heard of TweetChat before?  Certainly not I.  An underground community of social media geniuses slinging great advice that (generally) flew right over my head, TweetChat, and my hashtag of choice for the night, #PinChat, offered a plethora of knowledge, but also a sinking feeling in my stomach that I will never grasp these advanced concepts. Our topic for the night, led by mediator Kelly, was Pinterest "Win's" and "Fail's".  Amazing.  Gave me a great idea for a blog post and resulted in an entertaining hour (in between wrestling my kids).

I loved my first TweetChat and #PinChat experience.  Thanks to Autumn for the advice and Kelly for hosting a lovely (web) event.  For better or worse, I might have only just scratched the surface on this social media thing.  But at least it'll give us some great fodder when I #SocialMediaFail. 

xoxo, Brooke (the newly, self-proclaimed Social Media Virgin)

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