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Get To Know: Amy Brock

Visit Savannah's, Amy Brock, is part journalist, part social media maven, and full time Savannah guru. You can find Amy on a plethora of social media platforms and, on everyone, she's espousing her love for and knowledge of our beautiful little city, its inhabitants, and its local businesses. She is truly a beacon of local support, and we love dishing about reality TV with her on Twitter. Please, take a minute, to get to know a little bit about Amy:

CLUTTER FURNISHINGS & INTERIORS: What is it like to be the voice of Savannah?
AMY BROCK: It is something that is truly different every day. Mostly, it is a lot of fun because I get to interact with so many people, but it has its challenges. So many travelers are turning to Twitter and Facebook in search of “insider” information as they plan their trips so it’s cool to share my knowledge of Savannah with someone excited to visit. The challenging part is when someone will Tweet me and say “I’m coming to Savannah for 3 days, what should I do?” This is where the “social” part of social media comes in…sure I could say go take a trolley tour, go eat at Mrs. Wilkes and don’t forget to stop for a praline on River Street. But that’s not why they’re Tweeting me. Once I begin asking questions about what types of things a visitor hopes to experience here, if they’re a foodie or into Civil War history, looking for a good craft beer or to hit the beach, I can help them plot their “to do” list. I am thankful Savannah has a strong network on the various social media channels of objective locals who will chime in with their suggestions.
    There is a high level of responsibility involved at all times. What I say is reflective of our organization, Visit Savannah (and the Savannah Area Chamber of Commerce). Over the years, I’ve learned not to post ANYTHING that I wouldn’t have been comfortable saying to my mother.
     I would probably take a bullet for my iPhone. It is like a limb. I’m that girl who can’t ever put her phone down. I’m the one shouting “WAIT! Don’t eat that yet!” when dining out with my husband or with friends so I can take a photo to use for Visit Savannah. 

    I am only as good as my team. (If you don’t know them, they are here: Most people don’t realize that I work with an amazing team who help me to be in 5 places at once. (Ok, I’m going to divulge some secrets here.) Our Marketing Team at Visit Savannah divides and conquers. I’ve had people ask me how did you get from Tybee Island to Forsyth Park and then to Local 11 Ten and Rocks on the Roof all in one day? It’s called teamwork. We’re all snapping photos and the team texts them to me with captions. From there, I will Facebook, Tweet…etc. We are a powerful machine and we’re on it every single day and night.
   Admittedly, there are times when I want to respond to someone with but that’s when I know it’s time to step away from the computer and let one of our team members take over for a bit. I’m human. I get burned out sometimes.

CF&I: What has been your favorite piece to cover for Visit Savannah?
AB: I loved riding the back of the Pace Truck the first year of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Savannah Marathon and ½ Marathon. Live Tweeting/shooting Video of the crowds of Savannahians lining the streets cheering on the runners was exhilarating! And cold. It was very cold that first year.  
   It’s no secret that I love a celebrity sighting in Savannah, so covering the Savannah Film Festival is always a great time for me!

Favorite Twitter Moment: When @KathyGriffin name checked @VisitSavannah. I know, I know, she’s mouthy and crass, but I think she’s hilarious and mostly harmless and she does a lot of good for the GLBT community!

CF&I: If you could interview one person for Visit Savannah, past or present, who would it be and why?
AB: Past: Juliette Gordon Low. I would love to see the look on her face and hear her thoughts on these ladies in 5 inch platforms navigating the Savannah cobblestone streets. (Don’t get me wrong, I love a good platform heel, but you only slip them on when you get to where you’re going!) I would love to hear her opinions on how Savannah has changed.

CF&I: What are your top, must-see places in Savannah for visitors?
AB:  I have a few personal favorites:
1.Take the Ferry over to Hutchinson Island from River Street one evening or early morning…the view of River Street and our pretty Savannah skyline is breathtaking from there. If you’re into photography or an Instagrammer, you’ll love it! I’m sure not the first Mom to take my child on the free boat for entertainment, either.
2.Walk south from Johnson Square all the way to Forsyth Park on Bull Street. (My favorite stops: Gallery Espresso and shopSCAD)
3.Favorite Restaurants: the Southern lunch at Sunrise on Chatham Parkway, A.lureLowcountry Cuisine, Leoci’s Trattoria, Sage and Wiley’s BBQ.
4. Davenport House Museum and Owens-Thomas House.
5. Architectural Tour with Jonathan Stalcup.
6. Savannah History Museum – that’s where you’ll find Forrest Gump’s bench!
7. See the local art! Good Lord we have a lot of talent in Savannah. From the SCAD galleries to the photography on the wall in the coffee shops, there is an abundance here.
CF&I: What is your guilty pleasure?
AB: BravoTV, champagne, the bacon at the bar at Andaz and being able to “work” from my courtyard pool in downtown Savannah.

CF&I: Describe the "voice" of Amy Brock in five words.
AB: Honest, witty, thoughtful, polite --- I was once publically referred to as “that eternally perky girl from Visit Savannah” so I guess, perky.

For more on Amy Brock...find her on Twitter here.

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