Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Styled By Lynn: Think Outside The Box

We can all admit storage of anything is always a good idea. There are just a multitude of items we don’t want to see, want to share, or want to remind ourselves of on a daily basis. For those items, baskets always make sense. Boxes are also practical and come in many colors, shapes and sizes…

However, there are some items that serve as storage for some of our most precious items we would like to share but prefer they not be too accessible for touching….

I prefer using items that would be used for something other than what they were intended.   For instance, I used an old hanging light fixture, probably made in the 80’s, and repurposed it as a display shelf on a table in our reading room.  The items I place it in rotate depending on how I feel, what the occasion is or what new goody I find that I have to purchase.  It’s a statement piece not just because of what it was originally intended to be but also because of what it creates in a new way.

So the next time you see a great architectural item, don't forget to look past what it was and find what it can be...

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