Thursday, May 9, 2013

Clutter Top Ten: Reality TV Shows

1. The Real Housewives of (EVERYWHERE). From Orange County to Jersey, from HOT-lanta to NYC, Housewives are everywhere, and every franchise offers a unique and different perspective (and dramatic interpretation) of daily life as a "housewife".  ATL and Jersey offer the most high-drama situations, but New York and Bev Hills always deliver in the style department. Ultimate guilty pleasure...we'd love to be apart of the Savannah Housewives if you're looking, Mr. Andy Cohen.

Best City: ATL...with a close second to the beautiful Garden State.

2. American Idol. The original singing competition (at least of the new age lot of singing competitions) has spawned the likes of Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, and even William Hung. Would the world be the same if we hadn't met Simon Cowell? I think not. 

Best Season: Carrie's was good, but we love what Phil Phillips did last year.

3. House Hunters. HGTV's popular House Hunters and House Hunters International are TV bliss.  You can pop down in front of the boob-tube and watch hours of people trying to find their dream home on HH. No high drama situations here. Just good old, family fun.

4. The Real World. The beginning of our downward spiral into reality mayhem.  Recently, the series has gone a little more Jersey Shore than in its initial seasons, but whether this series is breaking ground on gender, race, and sexuality based issues or just an hour of pure debauchery...we will always tune in. 

Best Season: Seattle.

5. Top Chef.  Bravo's series of chef v. chef competitions is stimulating, gave us Tom Colicchio (and Padma), and coined the phrase, "please pack your knives and go" (which we say ALWAYS).  Tons of awesome food which yielded tons of awesome cookbooks and several celebrity chefs in the making. We love Iron Chef (on Food), too, but Top Chef offers that Bravo charm (read: drama).

Favorite Chef-testant: Richard Blais of course

6. Design Star. HGTV's competition show, Design Star, faces interior designers head to head in a design-off to the death for a show on the network. DS has birthed two of our fave TV designers, Antonio Ballatore (who follows us on Twitter!) and the bubbly Ms. Emily Henderson, one of our Top Ten favorite bloggers.

Favorite Challenge: The White Room Challenge (which got its own spinoff!)

7. Jersey Shore. Gym, tan, laundry is one of our many life mottos, thanks to the men and women of MTV's epic Jersey Shore.  Snooki, Mike, Pauly D, and the gang taught us how to party, how to look right, and how to talk like an idiot someone from New Jersey.  This is the best show about the Jersey Shore starring people who are not actually from NJ! It's a "blast in a glass".

Best Season: Any in Jersey (read: NOT Miami/Italy)

8. Trading Spaces. Week after week, Paige Davis' TLC show gave a new meaning to the term "home invasion".  Designers broke into willing civilian's homes and redecorated willy-nilly to the delight of viewers all around the world. Trading Spaces begat Genevieve begat Vern begat all the HGTV regulars. It is the beginning and the end.

Favorite Trading Spaces Parody: Bunifa (MAD TV)

9. Wipe Out. Wipe Out is a show that shouldn't exist.  It's literally people getting pummeled for little cash on television for the amusement of millions (or maybe just us??).  It is terrible...and then it is awesome...and then terrible.

Great Wipe Out Montage: HERE

10. Candice Tells All. Candice Olson hosts half the shows on HGTV (Divine Design, Candice Tells All, Design Star) and she does it looking flawless and effortless.  Her taste is always ultra luxe/ultra refined and we D-I-G her!  That is all.

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