Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Styled By Lynn: Flexibility in Design

Thinking about attitude and flexibility today.

Had an opportunity to help some client’s last night who wanted to “reinvent” their home just a bit…you know…create some “new room views” with current fabrics on beautiful furniture and to produce a new feeling when they walked in the room...just my kind of challenge ..!! ….so we started by emptying out the living room except for the two largest items we knew we wanted to keep…then moving the furniture around, deciding on the items that were to stay, and how each piece would function. We used my favorite four letter word…”edit”...and together we created an amazing new room with only three new chairs, 5 new lampshades, one lamp and a couple of custom-made pillows.  After about four hours and a lot of laughing, we created an entirely new vision of their living room!  Yes, there are plans for a new wall color in the future….and we do want to upholster some sitting chairs and a sofa, but that is relatively inexpensive when the pieces are worthy of remaining on for many years to come….
It occurred to me on the ride home that these homeowner’s were such a pleasure because they were excited, ready and flexible.  They were explicit with explaining their needs for the room but were equally as open in helping realize a great ending because they were willing to make changes they had never considered. When they did….they realized how much fun decorating can be and how much pleasure comes from just letting go and trying something new.

Thank you guys for allowing me an opportunity to play a small role in your redo and entertaining me for a few short hours!  I had a blast!!!! 

[Photo courtesy of You're Welcome Savannah's, Cedric Smith]

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