Monday, May 6, 2013

Reality Recap: Real Housewives of Orange Country (06MAY13)

In a season of OC Housewives where ladies we thought were friends seasons past are now worst enemies (Tamra/Vicki, Gretchen/Alexis) and enemies are besties (Tamra/Gretchen, Alexis/Vicki)...this week's episode was more of the same in trying to figure out the age old question..."Why does errybody H-A-T-E Alexis?"

Last week, Alexis showed up to a party she was (sort of) invited to at Tamra's new gym...awkwardness, followed by all hell broke loose.  Tonight, Jim gave Alexis a scriptural pep-talk during an hour long pre-bedroom routine in the bathroom, Lydia (almost) joined Team Tamra at lunch with Mrs. Barney and Mrs. Dubrow, and Vicki just did Vicki.  (Vicki's side story about living with her daughter and dating Brooks is SO convoluted that we generally run to the bathroom during her face-time).  We're officially Team Tamra, despite her bizarre behavior at the Cut Fitness dinner. 

We're digging new Housewife, Lydia, and her hippie mom, Judy, who apparently dropped acid as a young mom and smoked copious amounts of weed prior to going shopping with her teenage daughter.  Judy was COVERED in glitter and was vehemently against bags (because she was once a tree) while shopping in the OC with Lydia...she does not believe in bags but does believe in plastic surgery. 

P.S. We also cannot get into Gretchen's side story about Slade's kid's surgery.  It's too sad, and it's too hard to take Slade seriously.  Bubbly, dumb Gretchen is totes better than weepy, adult Gretchen.

Memorable Quotes of the Night:
Lydia (about her mother): "When you guys meet, she'll like sprinkle you with fairy dust." Then...“You can’t really have a bad conversation with someone when they’re sparkly with fairy dust.”
Alexis (to Jim): "Your new flannels came in today."
Judy (Lydia's Mom): "Before we get started, I would like to fairy dust you."
Lydia: "Growing up my mom was a hippie, and did acid, and thought she was a tree."
Judy: "I don't believe in bags."
Vicki: "I want Brooks back in my life." ...geesh.
Judy (at her pot-free brunch): "All the good chi comes out of the purse."
Lydia (to Judy): "You're so flighty, and land of the bunnies, and silly."

Judy: "God made marijuana, man." Then..."I think I'm more normal when I'm loaded."

Oh Judy...

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