Sunday, April 21, 2013

Reality Recap: Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion (Part III)

Sunday's Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion was the third part in the RHOA Season 5 Reunion trilogy.  And in true trilogy fashion, Andy and the big wigs at Bravo (does that include Kim Zolciak?) saved all the fireworks for last.  If you haven't watched this season of Atlanta, we'll hit the highlights:
  • Kenya, former Miss USA (and don't get that wrong) and new RHOA Housewife, is crazy.
  • Nene Leakes put her crazy away because she has two network TV shows ("New Normal" and "Glee").
  • Kim Zolciak is gone.  She done quit. 
  • Kandi and Phaedra and Cynthia are all the same.  We still love us some Phaedra and are excited for Kandi's other show, but they weren't standouts this season.
Part III of the Reunion pitted Phaedra against Kenya (again).  This time about whether Apollo and Kenya were "pushing up on" each other.  Pregnant Phaedra seemed nonplussed by the whole incident, although, Kenya's fan flapping did distract most of the ladies (Note to Self: buy a fan and use it during arguments).  It also showed other-new-Housewife, Portia Stewart (Kordell's wife), coming out of her shell for the first time in her rookie season.  She cried, screamed, and even sounded (slightly) intelligent. 

All in all, things are the same as they ever was in HOT-lanta with the exception of Nene Leakes as the senior stateswoman, and misplaced voice of reason, amongst the new hotheads.  We'll miss Kim, but we already set our DVR's for her spinoff show!  We will not be tardy for that party!! 

Cheers, y'all! 
- Brooke

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