Monday, April 22, 2013

Go Green: Art

 First off, Happy Earth Day! Hope you are busy planting trees, walking to work, and reading old blog posts (that's kinda green).  We're showing off super green and local artist, Charles Scarborough, whose upcycled and recycled pieces of art are not only earth-conscious, but look stunning.  His beautiful "Seahorse" above is made of a hubcap, a gorgeous silver pot and other trash-turned-treasures.  And check out his "Crab" below which is part guitar body and all awesome! 

This photo is even green; recycled from the beautiful You're Welcome Savannah: Open House 011 by Cedric Smith and Autumn VanGunten.  Check out the full post (and their other stunning shoots) HERE.

Hope y'all have a great Earth Day.  We only have one, so let's all remember to take care of her!

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