Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The New Althea Project...Tear it Down to Build it Back Up

Some progress shots from The New Althea Project. We tore out a built-in bookcase in my future office. Gave us TONS of extra space (and cool to tear back the layers of paint to see what once was!). Really excited about prospects for this room. My home office is where I get all of my design ideas and brainstorm for future projects. Very important space. 

I found some inspiration in this fabric from Sherry's Honey Pot. You never know what is going to bring you inspiration, but this little piece of fabric is everything I want in the new's happy, textural, and wide open, baby!

And remember the fire place before...

Here's what it looks like with just the primer!!! Already a huge improvement. The final color will be Benjamin Moore's Cumulus Cloud!

And in here...lights are up and new bamboo ceilings are being installed. Long days, but so worth it. 

Lots of work to go, but really enthusiastic about the progress. Remember to pace yourself and take each completed task as a small victory. Helps you to keep forging on for future design projects.

And as much as you can do yourself (Mr. Jimmy took out the bookcase in my office), you can save money for future ideas!

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