Friday, March 21, 2014

The New Althea Project...Slowly But Surely

Been pretty busy this last week at the store so progress at The New Althea Project over the last week isn't as dramatic, but wanted to give you a small update on progress. 

Benjamin Moore's Cumulus Cloud is going up in my office. It's my new go-to color. I didn't want the house to be too white-washed, and this off-white, trending gray color is right up our alley.

We're also slowly tearing out the kitchen cabinets. Excited for how the kitchen will look. Remember to stay the road when doing large remodel projects. It takes time...but good design is worth the effort and hassle. And sometimes it is a hassle...

Great ways to make remodeling less stressful are to hire professionals (contractors, designers, etc.), break up your projects into mini-projects so you have achievable goals each day or week, and have fun with it!

And sheetrock is up! Sorry for the fuzzy picture, but excited about the progress in here. Raising the roof is giving us tons of great space...this room looks massive! Bamboo ceilings are still going in and should have a great progress shot by next week!

- Lynn

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