Sunday, March 9, 2014

The New Althea Project...It's All In The Details

Decided that this hutch has found its home in the living room. It's a great statement piece, it fills up the space physically/visually/design-wise, and I love it. So it's time to bring in some accessories.

I love white china and serving pieces. It seems so clean and refined. And against a dark surface, the pieces really provide some great contrast. Doesn't mean you can't bring in colors or patterns. I would just recommend they coordinate/compliment each other. If it's a big mismatched mess, it takes away from the room. If you have patterns that speak to each other, or a monotone theme, you get a cohesive and concise story.

Also just loving the vintage tiles in our guest bathroom (below). I know that sometimes we are all moving towards slick/modern designs in a bathroom...but there's something understated and classic about a vintage look that, if it's done right, still translates into modern design.

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