Tuesday, March 18, 2014

How We'd Style...Mrs. Sandra Bullock's Home.

How We'd Style...Mrs. Bullock.

In our Get To Know series, we like to ask what celebrity interior designers would love to style. And we thought...hey...let's just pretend we got hired to style every celebrity in the world! Introducing, the first in our How We'd Style series...the incomparable Sandra Bullock.

From what we know of Sandy, we'd go with lots of natural woods and great midcentury pieces. She's sensible and Eames and crew are very sensible, timeless pieces. Leather furniture, sculptural pieces, and a retro-yet-current vibe. 

Her bed would be her oasis from all the paparazzi/movie-star shenanigans, so we'd keep it calm and classic with a four-poster canopy. White sheets and bedding keep it cool and centered. 

Then we'd bring in some great art with a vintage and masculine vibe...some Cedric Smith or Russ Noto...or both!

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