Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Thoughts on a Tuesday in February

Sometimes, despite my best efforts, I think. I know. This is a dangerous venture, but sometimes...thought happens.

I tend to think more when plopped on my lovely, and often child-stained, Pottery Barn sofa in my Hawaiian living room...ZGallerie horseheads looming over...probably also thinking...and also using several ellipses.

I think that I'd like for this blog do be a source for folks to come to find great design inspiration, find pieces that they might have been looking for, celebrate (drool over) pieces that we track down from around the web, and to get an inside look into what makes Clutter what it is...and who we are.

I think (know) that we are truly blessed to have such an avid and loyal customer base...blessed to be from the beautiful city of Savannah, Georgia...and blessed to share things we love with y'all.

And I think, as we approach our one-year-blog-aversary (on March 11th, 2014), that we are excited to continue to grow as a small, local business and as local business women with and for y'all!

Thanks for sharing this last year with us and looking forward to several more in the future!

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