Friday, February 21, 2014

Brooke's Look: Set the Scene

With government quarters, I'm given basically a white-washed box...which is kind of on trend (container homes, Scandinavian chic, white-on-white-on-white aesthetic). Then Uncle Sam throws in popcorn coated walls (all of them), shabby, brown carpeting and a "no painting clause". It's hard to make any wall covered in little popcorn nuggets look good...but especially in a dull, government white.

I know a lot of y'all are in similar predicaments with rental homes that you can't make too many adjustments to or if you're a military spouse/Soldier. So here's some advice:

Set the Scene. Forget the nasty walls for a minute. Make each room speak to you...let it tell you what it wants/needs to be (not in a Long Island Medium way, but in an Elle Decor/HGTV way). This little vignette above wanted to be my little Starbucks nook. My place to relax with a coffee in the AM and watch the kiddos play while I shake myself out of slumber.

After the room speaks to you, and you speak back to it (don't let that space get too bossy!)...step back and the popcorn walls and gross carpet will fall away. And you'll be left with a great look (scene) that sets the tone for the rest of your home.

If y'all have any design questions, hit us up here or on Facebook.
Brooke Rahn Thomas

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