Monday, February 24, 2014

Adieu, Expedit
Photo of Lynn's Home by the amazing, Mr. Cedric Smith of You're Welcome Savannah.
Ikea announced the end of the Expedit Bookcase in what The Guardian is calling "the most punk gesture of 2014". Undeniably popular in Europe, Save Expedit already has a Facebook page (although I have no idea what it says...), the hashtag "SaveExpedit" is trending on Twitter, and our very own Expedit shelves (pictured above) are trembling in their modern booties for fear of extinction...or worse...a recall! #Gasp

The Expedit shelving unit is modern, yet timeless. Functional. Sophisticated. Simple. And it has spawned Ikea hacks from every corner of the internet (see HERE and HERE for starters). 

We now even use them in store at Clutter for storage and pillow displays. They're so great. Really. #Guffaw

If you don't have any Expedit wares in your home, or you have several and you need several more, you still have time. Run to your local (Atlanta or otherwise) Ikea and pick up this modern marvel of function and design. You won't regret it. Promise.

We will miss you, Expedit! #Adieu

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