Saturday, January 4, 2014

Pinspiration {004}

We had a big, bold, beautiful yellow-orange African Juju Hat (or feather hat) in store a couple of months ago and ever since, we haven't been able to log onto Pinterest within seeing several of this gorgeous, detailed creations on home decor posts. 

We love the texture they bring to a space and the amazing color. The white one, above, is incredible, but our favorite of this lot is the pale pink on the hunter green wall at the bottom of the post. Incredible contrast of colors and such a powerful statement.

If you can't find a Juju Hat of your own (originals are kind of pricy), Design Sponge offered a tutorial on making your own. Or ask The Rest Stop's Katherine Van Tosh who made her own (we Instagram-stalked her).

Do you love the look of these rare beauties? Are you down with this trend or are you ready to see it go the way of passe home decor?

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