Sunday, December 8, 2013

Pinspiration {003}

Some of our favorite rooms of the week from Pinterest featuring some awesome oversized ART for a little Design Inspiration (or Pinspiration as we call it):

Big art makes a big statement in any room. Love how they didn't try to match the sofa to the art (to the side chair to the coffee table...etc.). Coordination is key. Let your pieces communicate with each other and not overpower one another and your home will look perfect.

Bring in some funky colors and textures with art, too! If you keep the walls neutral/light...white here, but go with a gray for a cool modern can add as funky an abstract as you can handle!

Or keep your art neutral and light against a neutral palette for a sophisticated, clean, almost Southern California vibe. LOVE this dining room.
White on white on white NEEDS a pop of color and this room does it perfectly with that massive violet amazingness. Also, digging the Areaware golden pig in the corner!

Love a big photograph for a major wow-moment in a room. It's going to cost a good amount to get a photo this size (quality) framed so make sure you pick an image that you'll want to look at for a while. This room is major!

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