Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas 2013 Gift Guide: For the Kids

Lots of options for the kids come the holiday season...here's our consolidated list of toys, clothes, etc. for your little ones this year!


Lil' Squanto Teepee
lovelane, $305

Love, love, love this lovelane designs teepee and so will the kiddos come Christmas morning (and year-round)!


JOYBAY SwingCar Ride-on (Asstd. Colors)
Zulily, $27.99

These things are SO FUN and they come in a ton of great colors so perfect for boys or girls!


Discovery Kids Toy, Wooden Tabletop Easel
Macy's, $20.99

It's so important to start a child's appreciation of art and there's no age too young...this easel is the perfect gift for your future Picasso or Kahlo!


Canvas Crown
lovelane, $25.00

While your son or daughter is storming the lovelane teepees (above), they must have one of these chic canvas crowns! #Perfect


Personalized Patchwork Owls
Angie Baby Gifts (Etsy), $40.00

Hand-made gifts are so thoughtful, and these little cuties (or "hoot-ies"...get it?) are an awesome little stuffed animal for any child!

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