Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Dream Home of the Day: 2619 Perkins Lane, Seattle, Washington
We just started watching "The Killing" on Netflix (I know! It's Amazing! We're obsessed! It's too good!), and so now we're bi-coastal (in our hearts) between Savannah and Seattle, that beautiful, wet, sometimes-dreary haven of the Northwest. This home is an amazing little jewel, too! Loving the white-on-white-on-more-white blank canvas of it all and dreaming of throwing in a bunch of leather upholstered pieces and some mounted animal heads (we told you; we're into taxidermy right now). 

What do y'all think? You moving to Seattle with us? Click on the photos for even more of this beautiful home, for sale now on Trulia.

1 comment:

  1. This house was just a block or so away from where we lived, though we were on the bluff, it is down below. LOVE Seattle!



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