Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Christmas 2013 Gift Guide: For Him

The Holidays are upon us...and let's face it...it's hard to shop for men.  So here are some gift ideas we came up with for the man in your life for Christmas 2013!!!

Churchill was the manliest of men, wasn't he? Martin Gilbert's Churchill: The Power of Words (available on Amazon in Hardcover, $23.94) is the perfect tome for your man's holiday reading list. Winston's speeches and writings are all here to inspire, compel, motivate...don't be surprised if your man starts speaking in a British accent, though (might be a bonus feature)!! #WeLoveWinny

Paris Market offers these beautiful Shield Cutting Boards for the man who likes to slice and dice! Absolutely love them. Buy one (or more) immediately!

Men love maps. That must be a fact somewhere. And what better gift than a unique painted Tillett map (available at Clutter, $295). For that matter, any framed map is an excellent gift...especially one of a place that means a lot to your man. Frame a map of the city where he went to college, or where y'all met!

Beth Beverly does some awesome taxidermy. We love this chicken, "Lenore" (available on Etsy, $390), for a man's office. What a great piece!

Charleston's Arsenal Designed offers some awesome vintage and antique pieces year round, but this mirror is a phenomenal piece made by AD. Get this masculine piece for your man's space and it will be something you both love! Or get him a unique vintage piece!

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