Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Brooke's Look: Bedroom Art

Your bedroom should be an oasis. A place set aside for 1) rest and 2) "where the magic happens". Masters of feng shui advise to not have any work related items and to keep it serene and calm.

We just hung four new pieces, inspired by our new obsession with Lulie Wallace (and our infinite love of Matisse). Affectionately titled "Four Girls Dressed Alike", the oil and acrylic pieces were a collaboration between myself and my husband and I really am into the final look of them. 

If you can't afford original art, I say always take inspiration from a work you like and get to painting. You'll find that the finished look interprets something your passionate about and makes it new and original for your space. And if you're not feeling it in the end, a good coat of white on top lets you start over.

If you aren't confident in your artistic skills, artists also offer some brilliant prints that are affordable and still deliver the same impact of the original work. Lulie Wallace's prints are beautiful, and we're also really loving Michelle Armas' new stretched canvas prints!

Check out your favorite artist's online stores, and if they aren't offering prints, contact them directly to see if that's something they can/are willing to do!

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