Friday, September 13, 2013

Doppelganger 003

 Even the best designers need a little inspiration! The beautiful pages of our favorite design and décor magazines are coming alive at Clutter!
 We love this room. Tranquil and sophisticated. The stool beside the end-of-bed-bench (also a favorite of Clutter's) is sweet and adds luxury to this room.

This garden stool (at Clutter) is a great match for the one in the Elle Décor photo.

Any form of bringing nature in is so on trend right now. And Elle Décor is on top of it!

 Clutter ALSO has affordable taxidermy of all kinds! (a wild boar, a doe, a deer, etc.)

From Architectural Digest, Elizabeth Taylor's desk and chair.

At Clutter, this beautiful desk could double as E.T.'s above.

For these items and so much more, visit Clutter at 1100 Eisenhower Drive,  Savannah, GA 31406. Call us at (912) 354-7556 or visit us on Facebook at Clutter Furnishings and Interiors.



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