Friday, July 5, 2013

Get To Know: Juwan Platt

Photographer, Inspirational Speaker, Lover of Well-fitting Pants

CLUTTER FURNISHINGS AND INTERIORS: When did you receive your first camera?

JUWAN PLATT: I received my first camera about 34 years ago. Actually, it was my mother's camera that I borrowed and began shooting on. Hopefully, she's not looking for it.

CF&I: What has been your favorite subject to capture on film?
JP: My favorite subject to capture on film has to be the people in my immediate creative circle. The cool, "artsy" folks that create and live right here in Savannah. Nothing is more fulfilling than shooting lifestyle pieces on these individuals.

CF&I: What is your weapon camera of choice?
JP: My camera of choice is the iPhone, haha. But seriously it's so lightweight and convenient. Not only that, I can also handle post production and publish it online right there. Plus, it's just beautifully designed. For my more commercial and freelance work though I use the t2i, t3i, and occasionally Mark II. I try to keep
my equipment relatively simple.

CF&I: If you could photograph any subject (person/place/thing), past or present, who/what/where would it be and why?

JP: I'm fascinated with the Ancient World's Seven Wonders of the World, so I definitely would like to photograph the Colossus of Rhodes. Also, I'd love to capture all the people that I admire like John F. Kennedy (such an impactful leader with a smooth persona... besides his noted philandering, I admire everything about this man), Marvin Gaye (anytime I’m stumped creatively, I listen to “Sexual Healing” and a new idea is conceived in my mind.), Malcolm Gladwell (His book “Outliers” changed my life and his ideas never cease to amaze me.), Eleanor Roosevelt (She’s the originator of the First Lady position. I love that she took the initiative to aide her husband by being a personality herself.), and JayZ (I’d love to get a shot of Jay cooking. I really think he could craft an amazing pasta. I want to be the first to capture that.).

CF&I: What is TEDx and how do people get involved?
JP: TEDx is a conference to provide a platform for thinkers, creators, innovators, etc. to display their "ideas worth spreading." It gives communities, organizations and individuals a stage to create dialogue amongst it’s attendees. I got involved with it last year as a volunteer. I am friends with the good people at the Creative Coast so being around them had got me interested into the event. I was fortunate, alongside with my partner, to speak at this year’s talk. Follow The Creative Coast on various social media platforms and join in on the fun. It’s such a great event!

CF&I: What music do you have on your playlist while photo editing?
JP: I don't want to give such a cliche answer, but my music choices varies. It really depends on my mood or the mood of the photos that I want to reflect. Since I haven't been shooting edgy subjects most of my music is pretty happy like Michael Jackson, SBTRKT, Kid Cudi, Little Dragon, Justin Timberlake, etc. Kid Cudi’s latest, Indicud, is glorious. I just want to pause my photo editing and go dance in Ellis Square with a pretty young lady after listening to it.

CF&I: What is your guilty pleasure?
JP: My guilty pleasure is eating at cool restaurants. Whether they are chain restaurants or the neighborhood hole in the wall. I spend large sums of money every month on eating out. I rarely cook for myself. I feel like you can get pretty much anything off the internet, except food so I gain a lot of pleasure out of eating. Problem is most of the time its not the healthiest.....except for cheeseburgers. I’m pretty sure those are pretty nutritious.

CF&I: Describe Juwan Platt, the man & the photography, in five words.
JP: A young man living happily.

Find Juwan on Twitter @JuwanPlatt.

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