Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Adventures of Tommy the Areaware Pig...vol. two

I looked for him for over an hour. Under the bed, in the closets, behind the detergent under the sink...Tommy, my Areaware pig, was nowhere to be found.

"Tommy," I yelled. "Tommy, I'm sorry I screamed at you for playing in the backyard. Please come back to me, my dear boy."

Nothing. Not a peep. Not the tap tap tap of his little hooves anywhere.

"Tommy," I began to sob lightly and slumped down into the most comfortable Plycraft chair you've ever seen. "Tommy, I miss you." My cheeks, wet with tears, became tense with my growing wails.

Then...suddenly...a if someone, some angel, was here to answer all my prayers. Again...another KNOCK.

I followed the errant sporadic noise to the laundry room. KNOCK KNOCK. And there...inside the dryer...was my little Areaware pig.

"I love you, Tommy." Tears came again as I consoled my pet. "Never go away again."


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