Sunday, June 30, 2013

Obsessions of the Week: 30JUN to 06JUL13

Some things we're obsessed with this week:
  • New Zealand's newest pop superstar, Lorde, is about to take over the world. And she's only 16 (SIXTEEN!!!). A mix of Lana Del Rey and the xx, Lorde is the coolest thing from New Zealand since The Flight of the Conchords. Check out the AMAZING, "Royals" will surely be one of your top summer jamz.
    • We're also mildly obsessed with Miley Cyrus' new(ish) song, "We Can't Stop"...seriously, we can't stop listening to WCS, and we don't really want to...MC is ALL sorts of grown up.
  • We're fully ready for Target's new FEED USA clothes, feed kids in need, everyone is a winner! Go here to learn more about their awesome mission and see some of their wares.  
  • Nominated by THE Katherine Sandoz...Christine Hall's Instagram is off the chains. Off the chains, off the walls, out the park. It's so many prepositional phrases and then some. Give her a follow on the ol' gram and everywhere else on the internet for some great photography.

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